Hello everyone and welcome to The Flyn Panther.   My goal here is to chronicle my journey to becoming a professional pilot, share my passion for aviation, and hopefully help aviation grow by attracting a broader audience to the field.  There’s a common, what I believe to be, misconception about pilots as far as who we are as individuals and my hope is to dispel some of that through my work here.   I also hope that I may be an example for those African American boys and girls who dream of the skies but feel they have no one that “looks like them” to look up to, and is why I choose the name the Flyn Panther.    Ronald Erwin McNair, may you fly in peace, and Guion Stewart Bluford Jr. showed me that anything truly was possible when I was growing up and I aspired to be just like them.   Though I’ll never fly the Space Shuttle as I originally intended, I will strive to be that guiding light for others around the world for those in need of one.   Aviation is a truly unique and small community full of nothing but some of the greatest people that this world has to offer, much like my time in the US Army, and I’m only just beginning! Thank you for your support and I invite you to sit back relax and enjoy your flight!





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