$100 Breakfast and a Surprise Announcement


Hello everyone, I hope everyone has been having a fantastic time and keeping safe in the skies.   I apologize for the lack of activity lately but it is for good reason.  Family, work and flying have been keeping me busy which is a very good thing.


With that said today I had the opportunity to fly up to KOUN, University of Oklahoma Westheimer, to Ozzie’s Café with a fellow pilot I met in a group on Facebook.   Let me tell you the food is amazing and they have an All You Can Eat breakfast option with wonderful pancakes.   If able I highly recommend a stop there.   However, it is cash only and they do have a line.  We arrived at 10:00AM to a line but thankfully another pilot had already gotten us a table.


My buddy took care of all the flying in his clubs Cessna 182 Skylane and I must admit it was refreshing to just kind of sit back and enjoy the view and why we all love what we do so much.

So, without further ado here’s a short video compilation from our flight with a very special announcement at the end so you can stick around or skip ahead to about 5:13.   Talk to you all soon.



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