What’s it like? Part 1 Dating a Pilot

For the first installment of the What’s it like series I sat down and had a little chat with none other than my own significant other to find out from her perspective what it’s like to date a pilot.    She is an amazing woman who is absolutely supportive of what I do which makes this journey much less stressful and is, in my opinion, a key ingredient for success to make it in this industry.   Just the fact that she was willing to do this should tell you all you need to know about her.   She’ll be a fellow AvGeek in no time.

My contributions are noted with FP, and hers are noted as SO.  Post edited only for clarity.

FP: How did you feel when you first found out your significant other wanted to be a pilot?

SO: I guess I was a little surprised. It’s not everyday someone tells you that they want to become a pilot. Not only want, but is just so passionate about aviation.

FP: Why surprised? And how passionate are we talking here?

SO: I’ve never really been around someone invested in aviation before so like I said it’s just not an everyday thing. But by passionate I mean the fact that you studied prior to even restarting school for aviation;  randomly going to the airport to watch the airplanes take off and land;  and your recently started collection of model airplanes to name a few. So that passionate!

FP: (chuckling)

FP: What are your personal feelings about aviation if any?

SO: I didn’t really have any personal feelings about aviation prior to you becoming involved in aviation.  It was just another industry to me but it’s growing on me.

FP: Did you enjoy flying at all before or is it something you just didn’t give much thought?

SO: It was just another mode of travel to me.

FP: What were your concerns, if any, and why?

SO: The most obvious concern for me is your safety.  As with operating any type of vehicle/machinery, safety/making it home is always vital.

FP: Well pilots typically want to come home safely as well but that’s certainly an understandable concern for you to have. Any advices for other partners on dealing with someone who’s so passionate about what they do?

SO: I’m still relatively new to it myself so I’m really in no position to offer much advice but I will say just be supportive, listen, and be interested.

FP: Is there anything that I could’ve done to make the process easier to understand?

SO: I think you did a pretty good job of explaining. Sometimes too good (with a grin) But, since it’s important to him, I will take what he offers and like I said be supportive.

FP: (laughs) That’s good that I’ve explained it well but what’s one thing you’ve learned that has surprised you about aviation and what pilots go through up until this point?

SO: I don’t think I’m surprised by anything they have to go through or learn prior at this point and I would actually be surprised if the stipulations, if you will, weren’t so high. I’m pleased because, as a traveler, it gives me more confidence knowing the requirements to be a pilot.

FP: What are you most excited about and least excited about

SO: I am most excited about you being able to live your dream and least excited about you not being home every night.

FP:  I’m pretty sure I know this but, what’s the first place you’d like to visit?

SO: Paris.

FP: That’s what I was expecting. (smiles)

FP: What are your thoughts on flying with me?

SO: I’m nervous about it because, since I barely like getting into the car with you. Let’s not even get started on jet skis.

FP: In closing you know me better than most how would you describe me?

SO: I call you my nerd! But if you don’t know him he’s just a passionate, multi-faceted person

FP: The correct term is AvGeek!  Don’t worry we are working on it.  Thanks for you time!




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