So who is The Flyn Panther



A question that needs an answer.   There’s some information about who I am and what I’m looking to do on the About page of this site, but I figured I’d start off the blog with an introductory Q&A that will give you all a little more insight into who the Flyn Panther is.


The Flyn Panther

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
    1. My Name is Justin Campbell and I’m an eight-year honorably discharged Army veteran, network engineer, business owner (SV Dreams LLC), who’s finally decided to commit fulltime to becoming a professional pilot. I’m originally from Virginia and I currently call North Texas home.
  2. At what age did you know that you had the bug and all that you wanted to do was fly?
    1. It happened very early on in life like around the age of five. I recall my mother saying I was always staring up at the sky gazing at the airplanes.   So, she bought me this series of books called Aircraft of the World and ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to fly, but originally as a NASA Astronaut on the Space Shuttle.
  3. What’s your earliest memory of aviation?
    1. My earliest memory must be watching Top Gun and Flight of the Intruder with one of my older cousins. I just loved the planes and I can’t remember how many times I convinced my mom to rent them from Blockbuster.  Eventually she purchased them and added a library card so that I would read books about space, airplanes and rent the VHS tapes from there for free.
  4. What was the most difficult part of your training at any phase?
    1. It’s still relatively early on for me but I’d have to say becoming consistent with the landings. Ground effect wasn’t clicking for me initially but once I got it things improved quickly.
  5. Which airplane is your favorite to fly?
    1. Right now, it would have to be the Cirrus SR20.
  6. If you could fly one plane from any era what would it be and why?
    1. Choosing just one is hard, but for me it’s the Boeing 757 with the Rolls Royce engine package. Because for one those RB211’s sound awesome hitting the “sweet note” and two it’s so over powered and it’s just a beautiful airplane to look at.   That whole long leg big…..engines thing that they say around the industry
  7. Favorite Destinations?
    1. DCA because the river visual is awesome and that usually means I’m headed home to see family, Puerto Rico was amazing, and Seoul is one of my favorite places and the airport is incredible.
  8. What is your end goal?
    1. To fly the Boeing 787. If that happens I’ll be more than satisfied
  9. Any hobbies or passions outside of aviation?
    1. I’m a huge motorsports fan, F1 and NASCAR, I love soccer, football and all type of sports, I enjoy cooking, and hunting and fishing to name a few



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